Flaap .io - Multiplayer Flappy Bird .io Game

Are you a real fan of the popular game with the little flapping bird? After the very popular game Flappy Bird disappeared from the net, plenty of clones appeared online within the next couple of days, but no one of them can compare with Flaap .io! New, improved version of Flappy Bird is now available for free online! Unlike the original version, Flaap .io is a multiplayer game, it means that players from all over the world can compete against each other in real time. The main concept in its turn stayed the same: your task is to control a bird, attempting to fly between rows of green pipes of different height without hitting them. It seems to be really simple from the first sight, since the rules are not complicated, but it is a real challenge to control a bird! Players are in charge to click/tap to make the bird fly up, every click will catch the bird a bit up, sometimes more than 1 click is needed to pass the pipe.

If you stop clicking at all - the bird will fall down and you will lose. After passing a pipe you will receive 1 point, try to pass as many pipes as possible to earn a lot of points and be on the top of the rating list. What makes Flaap .io special is that despite your bird, you can also see the other players birds on the screen at the same time. Other birds are less bright, but they can still be really distracting especially at the beginning. So dont be surprised if you score 0 points for the first time. One more amazing thing about Flappy io is that the bird can be transformed into a new upgraded bird when you get over 10 points. There are 15 different levels of transforming. Thousands of people from all over the world cannot stop playing, trying to get a higher score, so dont hesitate and join them, you wont be disappointed!

Flaap .io Controls

Just use your mouse to control a bird, click continuously to help it fly. Whenever you stop hitting the mouse, the bird will crash into the ground. In Flaap .io you can also play together with your friends, all you have to do is to share a link, that will appear on the screen after you click the Play with a Friend button. Share the game on social media to unlock new skins. 

Tips & Tricks to win this Flappy

  1. Use a big screen! Not only your hands are less cramped but there will be also less of a chance your own finger will obscure your view and get in your way.
  2. Find your rhythm! Get the timing for your taps up and down and recover your rhythm quickly after extreme falling or rising. 
  3. Keep calm and carry on! It is an easy game to get angry at, you will be falling many times before you learn how to win but dont let it affect your performance.
  4. Stuck in the game or need help? Watch our WALKTHROUGH VIDEO!
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