Flip Diving is a super cool sports game you can play online for free! Amazing graphics and cool realistic animated ragdoll physics make Flip Diving the most dynamic and fun-addicting cliff diving experience on the web. In this game players are in charge to jump from the cliffs, trees, roofs and other exciting locations in the water and perform as many flips or jumps in the air as possible. To succeed and get to the next level, your diver must land in a specified area, marked with orange cones. The height from the cliff to the water will get bigger and the distance between cones will get smaller as you get to the next level. If you fail to land in this area, the game will be over and you will have to start from the very beginning. The game will also end if you hit the cliff or do not entry the water properly such as bellyflopping or back flopping.

At the beginning of the game your character can only pull off a standard front flip, but in the course of the game you will be able to unlock other flips and other characters as well. The more difficult the flip is, the more coins you will get. Entry is judged by how vertical you are and how little of a splash you cause, and it is also important whether you go feet first or head first. The more flips and the better your entries, the more coins you’ll earn per jump. You collect coins while jumping and then you can spend them on spinning the wheel of fortune to unlock new locations and characters. There are 10 different characters in the Flip Diving game, everyone of them, from businessman to karate diver, has different style and difficulty in controlling. Combining different ragdolls with a plenty of diverse locations makes the game even more entertaining. 


Click on the left mouse button to set the direction of the diver and release it to jump. Click and hold again while jumping to flip and tuck and dont forget to release before entering the water. If your diver enters a water being tucked - you loose. In Flip Diving you can also change a flip or character any time, clicking on the icon in the left bottom corner.

FLIP DIVING - Tips, Tricks & Hacks

  1. Bomb and candle flips are the easiest ones to perform, choose on of these two and you wont loose.
  2. To reach some of the coins you need to flip a couple of times while jumping.
  3. Focus on using dive/flips with the highest bonus to coin gain to unlock more stuff quickly.
  4. Change up your dives as your diving height increases and your landing zone shrinks.
  5. Crates in the water contain 6 and more coins. Try to collect them by the entry.
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