GOOGLE FEUD - Worlds Most Popular Autocomplete Game

“How do I get a...” Job? Girlfriend? Six pack? What do you think are the 10 most searched words to complete this phrase? It is always exciting to know what interests people from all over the world, isnt it? In the cool and fun-addicting puzzle game GOOGLE FEUD you have to guess what google autocomplete suggests when entering certain phrases, names or questions. This game was inspired by an American TV show Family Feud, where two families compete to name the most popular responses to survey questions in order to win cash and prizes.

The main concept of the GOOGLE FEUD is the same - you guess the responses and get the points. To begin a round, you have to choose one of the categories available in this game. The GOOGLE FEUD game features four categories: Culture, People, Names and Questions. Dont try to finish the round very fast, three strikes and you are out! Just take your time and you will find all the 10 right answers. Of course you may google the words yourself, but for more fun and randomness, try to guess top 10 searches on your own! Points from every round will be summarized in a total score. Take turns in guessing in this wonderful and funny trivia game!


In the cool game GOOGLE FEUD, you only need to use your MOUSE to choose the category and KEYBOARD to type a word. Enter a word next to the given phrase and click the search icon to see whether you were right or not. In GOOGLE FEUD you can also really google the answers after youve unlocked all 10 answers, just click them with the mouse and you will be immediately redirected to the real google search engine. 

Best Strategy to Win in GOOGLE FEUD 

The simplest strategy is of course to google all the answers and just copy everything but its not funny and you will soon get bored. It is not easy to guess all 10 words/phrases, so you need to thunk differently. The strategy that we suggest you includes:

  1. getting a bit out of your mind and try not to think like yourself anymore, but like the majority of the people from all over the world;
  2. considering the relevance of the given topic;
  3. and the most important one - dont hurry!
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