LUDO KING ONLINE - Famous Strategy Board Game

Play Ludo King Online, one of the most popular board games in the world in this great online version! Rules of the game are not really complicated so even children can play it. Ludo can be played by 2-4 players at the same time. At the beginning of the game each player has four tokens, placed on the large corner areas on the board in the players color. There are 4 colors in the game (red, green, yellow and blue) and each player has his own color. The aim of the game is to race all 4 tokens from start corner area to the painted in the same color triangle in the middle of the board. The first to bring all his/her tokens to the finish wins the game. Tokens are raced clockwise around the board along the game track. You cant capture or enter the finish if you dont roll the exact number of remained steps.  

Each player rolls the dice, the one who rolled the highest number begins the game. To enter the first and other tokens into play, you must roll 6. If you have no tokens in the play yet and you dont roll 6, then the turn passes to the next player. Once you have 1 or more tokens in the game you can select a token and move it forward along the track. The number of steps you allowed to make is determined by the die. Rolling 6 will also give you an additional bonus turn. If a token ends on the square which is already occupied by the opponents token, the opponents token is returned to the start position. Eliminate your opponents tokens, stand on safe squares and choose your moves wisely. Enjoy this classic!


Use your MOUSE to control tokens and roll the dice. In the LUDO KING ONLINE, you can play against the CPU, against your friends in local game mode, or against other players from all over the world in 2 player or 3 player mode!


  1. Always enter a new token into a play when you have a chance.
  2. Try to move your token close to the opponents standing in front of you to eliminate it once you roll the suitable number. 
  3. Never leave a chance to kill your opponent! 
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