POPSPLIT IO - Awesome Online Multiplayer Action Game

Popsplit IO is a spinoff of the very popular games">online multiplayer game Agar IO with many game modes, awesome music, and many more new features! Just like in Agar IO players are in charge to control a round cell and absorb small colorful dots scattered all over the playfield and eat smaller players. Unlike the Agario, POPSPLIT IO has much more game modes, free skins, music player and more possibilities to split your cell. There are 6 play modes: FFA (Free For All), Crazy, Instant, Selffeed, Tournaments and Party. Party is a special mode because it allows you to play only with the players you want and invite your friends to play together. To invite someone you just need to click on Create Party and send your friends an URL address that appears on the screen, so they can join you.

You can also choose what music you want to hear while playing. As you probably already understood from the name, this game is all about splitting! Split your figure into many smaller parts to quickly advance and absorb other smaller players. Bigger players will try to eat you and take away your points so dont get too close to them, also be aware of green circles with sharp edges, they will split your cell into a lot of really small pieces and throw them into a quite big distance, thus it will be easy for your enemies to absorb these small pieces. The aim of the game is to become the biggest among all other players and be on the top of the rating list. Have fun with Popsplitio!


Use your MOUSE to control a cell, move it and the cell will follow the cursor. Press SPACE to split your cell, D/2 for a double split, A/3 for triple split, SHIFT/4 to do a trick split and C to popsplit. In POPSPLIT IO you can also communicate with other players, just press ENTER to open a chat. There are also a lot of additional settings on the start screen, which will help you to customize the game even more. 

POPSPLIT IO Tips & Tricks

  1. Always give yourself a room to move and avoid stucking in the corner.
  2. Keep your mouse directly on the cell and it will stop moving.
  3. Dont waste your time by chasing much smaller cells. Players with the mass closest to your own move with the same speed and more likely to be caught.
  4. Use the split to attack other players. You can quickly split in the direction of your mouse and absorb selected cell.
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