SNAKES AND LADDERS - Cool Multiplayer Board Game Online 

Snakes and Ladders Online is the cool online version of the fun and popular board game. In this cool game, your objective is to reach the finish first. Snakes and Ladders can be played by 2, 3 or 4 players at the same time. Just like in a classic board game you have to roll a dice to move forward on a playfield which consists of squares. There are 100 squares on the playfield, each player starts moving from the square number 1. Each player rolls the dice, the one who rolled the highest number begins the game. Each player is allowed to roll the dice only 1 time per turn, the rolled number determines how many steps forward you can move your token.

Seems to be easy, right? What makes this game special are many snakes and ladders, scattered all over the playfield. They are placed in a chaotic order on the playfield and have a different length. Ladders will help you to skip a couple of squares and will bring you forward, whereas snakes will slide you down; but it works only if you land right on the snakes head or at the square, at which a ladder begins. You cant capture or enter the finish if you dont roll the exact number of remained steps. So, let the dice roll and the matches begin in this online free game.

Play Modes

There are 4 play modes in the SNAKES and LADDERS game:

  1. Computer - is perfect for everyone who is playing alone, your opponent, in this case is your computer.
  2. Local - allows you to play together with your friends, in 2, 3 or 4 - Player mode. Just enter all the players names and start playing, rolling the dice in rotation.
  3. Multiplayer Worldwide - in this mode you can compete against other players from all over the world in a real time. Log in with your Facebook account or as a guest and computer will find you an opponent. 
  4. Multiplayer Private Friends - here you can create a room and invite your friends to play with you by sharing a link. 


In the SNAKES AND LADDERS game you only need to use your MOUSE to choose a play mode and to roll a die. To enter a game you need to choose your country and a nickname. In Snakes and Ladders, you can also share your results on social media such as Facebook.

Tips & Tricks

The SNAKES and LADDERS game is actually based on sheer luck and fortune, so there is no way you can affect the game on purpose; but what you should notice is that the closer to the finish you get, the more snakes there are. Sо enjoy the game and good luck!

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