Wormaxio: Tactical Multiplayer Worm IO Game

At first glance, Wormaxio looks remarkably similar to the other worm-based online multiplayer io games. Even the graphics are similar to games such as Slither IO or Wormate IO, with the worms in Wormaxio depicted as colorful caricatures with two cartoonish eyes at the front of their body. However, where stands out is the improvements it makes to the genre, creating a game that is more tactical than any of its predecessors.

Wormax Tips & Tricks, Mods, Zoom

  1. Go fast to the center of the map and eat dead opponents.
  2. Cross the path of enemy worms to get them to run into your body.
  3. Trap enemy worms by circling them.
  4. Stop (W) if an enemy is behind you. He will probably touch you and die.
  5. Press E if you are encircled. In the ghost mode your worm can cross other worms without dying.
  6. Zoom and other mods are currently not available.

How To Play Wormax Game

The developers behind wanted to give players more defensive options, which is why they added two additional powers to your repertoire. By pressing the "W" key, players can freeze their worm in its tracks. You can then reposition your worm in any direction, allowing you to escape immediate danger. By pressing the "E" key, you can turn your worm invisible, which allows it to travel through other worms without getting hurt. As a bonus, you can also eat orbs while invisible.

You can also find other powers scattered on the battlefield, each one activating instantly upon touching it. There are offensive powers, such as the unlimited speed boost that allow you to corner enemies, and there are abilities that help you grow quicker, such as the magnet that attracts all orbs to your worm. However, these powers only last for a limited time, so use them wisely. You can also unlock additional skins by sharing the game on social media.

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